Italy was the first country outside China to face a major corona outbreak. We went into a lockdown for at least 9 weeks. The restrictions against coronavirus were strict and painful.

Last summer we managed to keep the infection rates relatively low. Unfortunately the end of the coronavirus is still not in sight.

The Italian authorities announced new Covid-19 restrictions on Monday October 25 to begin nationwide and specific restrictions for regions where the infection rate is highest.

Starting from November 6 and ending on December Italy is divided into three zones: red (high risk), orange (medium risk) and yellow (low risk).

Four Italian regions are put under strict lockdown: Lombardy, Calabria, Val d’Aosta and Piemonte. The highest number of infections are in Lombardy (until now).

Tuscany update

On Wednesday November 11 Tuscany will become an orange zone. Nationwide measures continues to apply with additional restrictions.

  • Nationwide curfew from 10.00 pm until 5 am.
  • Restaurants and bars are closed. But they provide take away service until 10 pm. Not time limit for home deliveries. Shops stay open.
  • Closure of all museums, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas and theaters.
  • Shopping centres are closed over the weekends.
  • Universities, primary and secondary schools are closed.
  • Busses, trams and trains on a 50% maximum capacity.
  • You may not receive guests in your home.

It is only possible to move around within the region or from region to another only when necessary (study, work, hospital). You’ll be required to fill in a declaration form.

Fortunately you can still leave your home for a walk. I love walking in Montepulciano, especially in this time of the year.

Other regions upgraded to orange zone status, comprise Liguria, Abruzzo, Basilicata and Umbria. A decision on whether or not to raise Campania from yellow to orange is expected on November 10.

Social distancing must be continued. And it is mandatory to wear a face mask unless you are solo running or biking.

Orange colour

Latest news

Tuscany will be a red zone on Sunday November 15. We will be under strict lockdown.