Oslo is the capital of Norway and the country’s biggest city. It has a population around 700.000 inhabitants.

Last week I visited Oslo. I was there on a business trip. This was my first time in that city.

Scandinavian countries have always been unknown for me due to my life and situation in Italy. Now that I am back in Rotterdam I do lots of different work in the wine and running industry. In the Netherlands as well as abroad.

October is the ideal time of the year to enjoy the wonderful fall scenery in Oslo. It can be pretty cold but I had some gorgeous sunny days.

It’s time to celebrate the good life. Cheers!


The people are all friendly and welcoming to everyone. They are polite and speak English very well. I don’t speak Norwegian, some words sound much the same as Dutch but written a little differently. It is a Germanic language like German, English and Dutch.

For instance “damer” means dames (ladies) in Dutch, “danse” is dansen (dancing) and “du er min beste venn” says “je bent mijn beste vriend” (you are my best friend).

Just to mention a few examples of the Norwegian language.

The Royal Palace


The city is easy to travel thanks to Oslo’s public transportation system. It is pretty hard to get lost because everything is very simple to find.

And if you don’t prefer using the bus or tram, you can walk, run or bike like many locals do 🙂

Running in Oslo

Oslo is one of the most walkable -running- capitals of the world. It has many pedestrian-friendly areas.

Vigeland Park

I brought my running shoes and running gear with me to Oslo. In addition to working at the wine tasting event I wanted to discover the city as good as possible. My schedule was quite busy, so running early in the morning was my best option to explore new things.

I noticed that many people in Oslo enjoy their morning run. They love getting up early like me. Personally I don’t like to run full speed when I go outside on the streets. For me it’s important to learn about the place and appreciate the surroundings.

Vigeland Park

Running around helps me to build a better image of the city I am visiting. I can recommend it to everyone who loves running. Not only because you see more hidden gems, you feel great and energetic after the run. You’re motivated to start a new day!

Vigeland Park

Oslo has great places to spot. In the centre you find great museums, beautiful parks, modern architecture, historical buildings, galleries, harbor promenade, nice coffee bars and good restaurants.

Pastis Bistrobar

I have discovered different running routes in the city centre of Oslo. It is a wonderful green city where you can run every day.

Vigeland Park

The wonderful Vigeland Park in the city Oslo is a top tourist attraction. Vigeland Park is within Frogner Park. It is a large sculpture park by a single artist “Gustav Vigeland”.

The sculptures in bronze, granite and iron represent the cycle of human life and all its emotions. Really worth visiting!

Vigeland Park

Vigeland Park

Harbour promenade Oslo

Oslo Opera House

Also walking up the roof of the Oslo Opera House provides wonderful views over the harbour and the city.

Opera House

Oslo city

Enjoy your run in Oslo! And see you soon again, you’re wonderful.

Running routes by Sylvia

Running route 1 Wednesday October 19, 2022

Vigeland Park

Running route 2 Thursday October 20, 2022

Running route 3 Friday October 21, 2022