Chianina Food and Wine Experience

Chianina Food and Wine Experience

If you want a true Tuscan experience then go here!

Together with the Fierli family I organize an unforgettable Chianina Food and Wine Experience in the Valdichiana area.

The Chianina cows and the Cinta Senese pigs have a long life at the farm. The animals are treated well. The family Fierli is a certified organic farm.

A visit to the farm and the Bistecca lunch at the restaurant is an enjoyable experience when you’re in Tuscany. Also wonderful for children!

Chianina cows
Cinta Senese

About this activity

  • Duration 3 hours
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Suitable for everybody
  • Certified sommelier (Italian, English, Dutch)
  • Visit farm
  • Complete lunch
  • Free cancellation up to 12 hours before the activity starts


Full description

We start at the restaurant of the Fierli farm. The restaurant is in a central location and is typically Italian in its decor with a homely rustic feel.

At the restaurant I will tell you about the history of the ancient Italian Chianina and Cinta Senese cattle breed. 

We drive to the agricultural land where the Cinta Senese and the Chianina graze. The land is only a few minutes drive, but you need to have your own transport to get there.

At the farm the owner is waiting for us for the guided tour. Together we show you the land and the animals. The agricultural land is really impressive and nice to see! 

Chianina Farm

After our visit to the grazing lands we drive back to the restaurant for our Bistecca lunch.

Menu includes

Make sure you have a good appetite in meat!


  • Red IGT wine made from Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It is a daily wine from Tenuta Abbaddia in Montepulciano.
    *there are options for other wines


  • Antipasto misto consisting of local meats and cheeses
  • Main course “Bistecca IGP”
  • Roasted potatoes or mixed vegetables
  • Coffee
    *water and bread are included
    *there are options for vegetarian meals
Antipasti misto
Antipasti misto
Chianina Farm

Prepare for the Experience

Important information

In muddy conditions at the farm it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes or boots.

The restaurant and farm are only reachable by car. It’s necessary to have your own transport. There is free parking at the restaurant.

Meeting point is at the restaurant at 11 am only on Fridays.
Google maps: 43.222740, 11.812016

Only guests who meet the legal drinking age will be served alcoholic beverages.


Price is 95 Euro per person.

Solo travelers are welcome. You can book a private Chianina Food and Wine Experience for one person without extra charge.

0 – 3 years old free of charge.

Children’s consumption will be paid at the location.
Taxi service can be arranged upon request.

Free cancellation

You can cancel your booking up to 12 hrs before the start time. You can decide whether to get a refund or to move the experience to another date (upon availability).

For pricing, reservations and other information just contact me.


Chianina Food and Wine Experience in Dutch.
Read my reviews here.

We booked the Chianina experience in our autumn vacation. It was a really nice tour and impressive to see how the animals live and are treated. The farm operates biological and the animals have a lot of freedom. The pigs are running around and have a lot of space. The Chianina cows were eating and we saw the Bull who was really big! Our kids had a great time and after the tour on the farm we had lunch with typical homemade products. You really taste the freshness of the food and the wine was really nice. We would recommend the tour to anyone who is interested in food and farming.” Koen van Hout (The Netherlands)


Chianina meat is hart to find outside Siena, Lazio and Umbria. The meat is of high quality and considered the most valuable beefsteak of Italy.

Chianina is also called the giant cow. It may well be one of the oldest breeds of cattle in existence. It is an ancient porcelain-white Italian cattle breed. The most important characteristics of the breed are the muscle mass.

The name Chianina comes from the Chiana Valley in the province of Siena which is where Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Chianti wines are made.

Originally Chianina were raised to work in the fields, only in the last century they have been bred exclusively for the production of meat. Chianina is not made for fast growing but is raised for high quality and expensive meat.

Chianina cow

Cinta Senese

The Cinta Senese is an ancient Tuscan black pig with a white belt. The pigs are very prominent throughout the land. They live together enjoying maximum freedom of movement by snuffling, taking mud baths and searching for food.

This pig is famous for its excellent meat awarded the DOP classification. It is rich and of high quality. The salami is very popular as well as the lard, pancetta, bacon, other cured meats and sausages. 

Cinta Senese

The Farm

Fierli is a four generations farm. In 1936 the farmer family started with 5 hectares land, 4 Chianina cows and 3-4 Cinta Senese pigs. Nowadays they keep 200 Chianina cows and 300 Cinta Senese pigs on 100 hectares agricultural land.

Fierli farm
Cecilia Fierli

Today Nicola, Cecilia, Francesco, Atos and Eros are all responsible for running the farm and the restaurant.