Eredi Trevisan winery

Eredi Trevisan

A small winery In Cortona is Eredi Trevisan. Trevisan is a typical name from Veneto.


The Trevisan family moved to Cortona in the 1960s. 

The family has always cultivated vines for own wine consumption. Giancarlo Trevisan bought the estate “La Violina” in Cortona where already Sangiovese vines were planted. The wine tradition of Trevisan continued.

After he died in 2009, his son Luca took over the wine business together with his wife Tiziana. They decided to modernize and expand the winery. Since 2013 Eredi Trevisan produces the dark, robust and full-bodied Syrah wine.

His wife Tiziana, his son Shardul and the rest of the family are involved in the production and selling of the wines. The Trevisan family has always had a great passion for wine and has dedicated themselves to making wines.

Syrah DOC

This wine is made from by 100% Syrah grapes. After the alcohol fermentation in stainless steel tanks the wine ages 12 months in French oak, followed by a further refinement in the bottle for 6 months. The colour of the wine is ruby red with smooth tannins, and a bouquet of plums, black berries, black pepper and vanilla. 

The name of the wine is Candito. Candito was the nickname of Giancarlo Trevisan.

Characteristics: Syrah grapes, wood aging, fruity, pairs very well with grilled meats, steak, semi matured cheeses and pasta dishes with meat sauce.

Candito Syrah DOC

Rosé Solo Syrah I.G.T.

A new wine made of 100% Syrah grapes. Solo Syrah vintage 2018 has a soft pink colour. After a few months in stainless steel tanks the wine is ready to be bottled. Then only 2 more months refinement in the bottle. The Rosé Solo Syrah is an elegant and harmonious wine with a fresh finish. This rosé wine is excellent to pair with vegetables, fish dishes or just to drink as an aperitif.

Eredi Trevisan

Vin Santo di Cortona DOC

This is a sweet Tuscan wine made from of 100% Trebbiano grapes. The wine is named after Luca’s grandfather. Vin Santo means holy wine. The wine has a dark colour with beautiful notes of apricot, honey, raisins and spices. In the mouth the wine is well-balanced between acids and sugars.

Characteristics: DOC; Trebbiano Toscano grapes, 6 years aging in wooden barrels, sweet wine from dried grapes; excellent to pair with cantucci and other sweet Tuscan biscuits with almonds.


Cortona is a picturesque town in the Val di Chiana area. The town village is situated on a hilltop 600 m above sea level, offering a spectacular view of the surrounding valley he Trasimeno lake and the Amiata mountain. It is he second most-visited city in South Tuscany after Montepulciano.

Cortona is a main cultural and artistic centre in the province Arezzo, famous for its medieval architecture and was the film location of “La Vita è Bella” from Roberto Benigni. Also the book “Under the Tuscan Sun” is set in Cortona. 

The local grape in this area is Syrah. Syrah is a strong grape variety and has a DOC classification. In Cortona the wines are made from 100% Syrah grapes.


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