As a sommelier it is my job as well to create an enjoyable atmosphere. I want everybody to have the best experience in Italy ever.

Watch the videos below to get an impression of Montepulciano and the wine experiences.

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Justin Mueller

Justin Mueller

United States

My friends and I had a wonderful time with Sylvia! Her knowledge and passion for wine as well as Montepulciano make reserving some time with her and Gattavecchi a must if you are in the area. She is very friendly and overall, just great company to share a tour, wine and a meal with!



In the times of a pandemic, when you cannot fly out to experience new cities, a virtual wine tour with Sylvia is what I needed. Her knowledge on the wine and history, her story telling and live videos of Montepulciano made me feel, like I was in Italy for a brief moment. Loved it! Thank you, Sylvia! 🤍


NY State, USA

Sylvia’s wine tasting/food tour was the highlight of my trip. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Sylvia!





Sylvia, thank you for this lovely experience. Even though it was just the 2 of us, she still ensured I’d be fully immersed during the tour. I would recommend this to anyone that wants more insights on wine and share a delicious lunch with a lovely lady!



Pennsylvania, USA

Sylvia was very helpful prior to the experience with planning, communication. She was very personable, friendly, and knowledgeable. I would recommend this experience to everyone!!!




New York, USA

Great day!!




Warsaw, Poland

It was a fantastic experience. The atmosphere, wine and food were superb. Sylvia is a wonderful and very kind host. Strongly recommended!


Carlo en Monique, Dick en Simone

Carlo en Monique, Dick en Simone


Voor de Piazza Grande werden wij doo Sylvia verwelkomd in Montepulciano waar zij in het kort over de geschiedenis vertelde en het ontstaan van de beroemde wijn Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Hierna liepen wij naar de wijnkelder van de familie Gattavecchi waar Sylvia ons een rondleiding gaf en verteld over het proces van wijn maken. Indrukwekkend allemaal om te zien. Uiteraard mochten wij deze mooie wijnen ook proeven. Heerlijk buiten op het terras kregen wij diverse lekkere wijnen met een mooie tapwasplank vol heerlijkheden.

Door de kennis en het enthousiaste verhaal van Sylvia werd dit een onvergetelijke dag. Mocht je nog een vakantiebestemming zoeken, ga dan zeker langs Montepulciano en boek bij Sylvia de Wine and Food experience! Sylvia, dank voor de leuke middag!



London, UK

An amazing experience from start to finish. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this experience. Sylvia is welcoming and knowledgeable and above all, a fantastic and friendly guide. This made our trip!




Münster, Germany

We had a great time with Sylvia! After a brief introduction into the city of Montepulciano, we went to visit the wine cellars. The tasting was perfect: superb food, great wine and a nice atmosphere. We even had a small chat with two of the bosses of the winery, who told us many interesting things about their jobs. Great value for money!