My Montepulciano

I have been living in Italy for 14 years. Before I emigrated to Italy I already knew many places in Tuscany: Pisa, Florence, Lucca, San Gimignano, Siena.. but not Montepulciano.

The South of Tuscany has always been an unknown area for me. I had never even heard of the wine Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

But with the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano my passion for wine began, and that will aways remain so.

From 2018 tot 2022 I had a lovely apartment in Montepulciano from where I could see the Vino Nobile vineyards. My house was at only 10 minutes walking distance from the Piazza Grande.

Montepulciano has a long wine history. It is a medieval, Renaissance-style village with prestigious buildings and beautiful monuments.

Eating and drinking wine is a great pleasure in Montepulciano, it is not just filling your stomach but to appreciate the good things in life.

Many local dishes are made with seasonal ingredients. The Tuscan cuisine is fresh, delightfully simple and flavorful on the palate. Genuine food and fantastic wine.

Montepulciano is situated on a hill. The inhabitants are called “Poliziani” and the population is around 15.000.

I am a certified sommelier and I work together with several wineries in Tuscany and Veneto.

I like to run and being fit. Running is what I like to do most.

I’ve run wonderful marathons over the last few years. But there’s still one race missing on my list: the Wine Barrel Race in Montepulciano “Bravio delle Botti”.

I have made many new friends in Tuscany and I have discovered amazing places. I would love to show you around “My Montepulciano”, exploring the town like a local.

Venite con me?

Caffè Poliziano

Caffe Poliziano dates back to 1868 and is the oldest caffè in Montepulciano. This elegant caffè is decorated in Art-Nouveau style with beautiful antique furniture, mirrors and art deco glass. Caffè Poliziano is a good place for a cappuccino, a dolce or a glass of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano wine.​

You can also dine in the restaurant of Poliziano. The restaurant is next to the caffè. For me personally Caffè Poliziano is the place to be for an espresso. Outside the terrace you can admire the panoramic view over the Valdichiana and Lake Trasimeno.

Caffè Poliziano is a popular place among the local residents, usually having their favorite coffee at the bar. Of course you can also order your drinks sitting at the table, but be aware that you’ll need to pay more. Drinking your coffee standing at the bar is typically Italian!

The glass showcase presents a wide variety of delicious desserts and pastries behind the vitrine are beautiful and delicious. Caffè Poliziano is certainly one of the best pastry shops in Montepulciano.

Address: Via Voltaia nel Corso 27/29, Montepulciano
Website: Caffè Poliziano

Osteria Acquacheta

For a truly Bistecca experience in Montepulciano I recommend​ Osteria Acquacheta. On the menu you will find a mix of antipasti, pasta- and main dishes. This osteria is a nice place if you’re looking for a traditional Bistecca alla Fiorentina in the centre of Montepulciano.

Osteria Acquacheta is not a big restaurant. Reservation in advance is necessary. Please note: always contact them via phone, they don’t respond to email.

In the restaurant you can have lunch and dinner. Osteria Acquacheta is a great restaurant to spend the evening together in an intimate atmosphere. The restaurant owner is an icon in Montepulciano. You will notice right away!

Address: Via del Teatro 22, Montepulciano
Website: Osteria Acquacheta

As soon as you have ordered the Bistecca, for minimum two persons, he brings the thick steak to show for your approval and tells you the weight of the meat. Then he will ask you how you like your steak prepared: rare, medium or well done.

You can order vegetables as a side dish with your steak but unfortunately they don’t have roasted potatoes. The meat is of a high quality and tastes even better when you sprinkle a few drops of extra vergine olive oil over it.

The house wine they serve is a Tuscan IGT wine. Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is on the wine list but only available per bottle.

You can make a dinner reservation at Osteria Acquachesta for 7:30 PM or 9:30 PM. If you already know that you’ll visit Montepulciano shortly and you want to enjoy this unforgettable experience, I advise you to make a reservation before traveling to Montepulciano.

Osteria del Conte

At Osteria del Conte you can eat the best pasta dish “i pici”. Also the main courses and desserts are outstanding. I would not order the antipasti misto but the pasta is highly recommended!

Address: Via di San Donato 19, Montepulciano
Website: Osteria del Conte

The pasta “i pici” originated the Valdichiana valley. The ingredients are wheat flour, water and salt. One of my favourite pasta dishes is with “Aglione” sauce.

Aglione is the giant garlic from Valdichiana, used in the Aglione sauce together with sieved tomatoes.

Blog post: Aglione Garlic from the Valdichiana

Pici is the best known symbol for our local cuisine. The pasta “i pici” is a thicker version of spaghetti.

Fortezza Medicea

The medieval Fortress of Montepulciano houses the office of the Consortium Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Every year the new vintage of the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is presented at the Fortezza Medicea.

Address: Via San Donato 21, Montepulciano
Website: Anteprima del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Enoliteca is a wine bar in the Fortress where you can taste the local wines from the wineries in the Montepulciano region. The view of the landscape is from the garden is gorgeous.

At the entrance of the Enoliteca bar you get an open wine card. With this card you can swipe wine at any machine. The card will keep track of each glass of wine that you taste. After you’ve finished your wine tasting you return the card to the desk and pay the bill.


The fortress is in a beautiful setting. The terrace offers amazing views over the landscape and rolling hills.

Historical wine cellars

Walk through the medieval streets of Montepulciano and visit the historical wine cellars. The entrance is free and open to anyone.

After a visit to the wine cellars you have the opportunity to taste the wines.

Cantina Contucci

Here are few of the most impressive underground wine cellars in Montepulciano that you must have seen:

Cantina De’ Ricci

Cantina Tenuta Poggio alla Sala

E lucevan Le Stelle

Piazza di San Francesco is a small square from where the views over de San Biagio church and Valdichiana valley are breathtaking.

There is a cosy bar on the square, called E Lucevan Le Stelle, where I often go for an Aperol Spritz. The ingredients of an Aperol Spritz are Prosecco, Aperol, Springwater and a slice of orange.

As the evening approaches and it’s time for an appetizer the atmosphere at E Lucevan Le Stelle is at its best. Enjoy your appetizer served with free little snacks like olives and chips.

The restaurant offers a wide choice of wines by the glass and has a varying lunch and dinner menu. Highly recommended!

Address: Piazza San Francesco 3, Montepulciano

Ristorante La Grotta

In general Italians eat dinner from 8 PM. It differs per region, but in Tuscany you can’t have your dinner in a restaurant before 7.30-8 PM.

Close to the San Biagio church is restaurant La Grotta. La Grotta is a top-rated restaurant in Montepulciano. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful presentation of the dishes and the refined Tuscan cooking. The menu includes vegetarian dishes.

La Grotta offers a wonderful selection of Italy’s finest wines including, of course, the classics: Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti. The service is very friendly.

Reservations is necessary, especially during the high season.

Address: Via San Biagio 15, Montepulciano
Website: Restaurant La Grotta

In the summer you can dine in the garden facing the San Biagio church.

Bar Menchetti la Crocetta

Bar Menchetti is at walking distance from my apartment. I can’t resist eating the “pizza al taglio”. This pizza is delicious! And also the coffee is top quality. If you’re an espresso addict then go here.

They have a selection of fine wines and a wide choice of snacks. Young people often go to Menchetti for the “streetfood”.

They offer a small lunch menu. People who work in Montepulciano often eat at Bar Menchetti. This bar has become a legendary stop for many locals.

Address: Via Mario Mencattelli 6, Montepulciano
Website: Menchetti

The best “gelateria” in Montepulciano is La Crocetta. And it’s no wonder. Every day fresh ingredients are used for making ice cream flavours like hazelnut, pistache, strawberry and other milk based flavors.


Il Frantoio di Montepulciano

Do you want to buy high quality olive oil? Then go to the Olive Oil Mill in  Montepulciano. Different kinds of extra vergine olive oils are produced here. The olive harvest takes place in November. You can see how olive oil is produced. ​

Blog post: Olive oil mill in Montepulciano

Il Frantoio di Montepulciano is open on weekdays in the morning and in the afternoon (closed between 1.00-3.30 PM) and on Saturdays only in the morning. You can also taste the olive oil.

Address: Via di Martiena 2, Montepulciano

Bravio delle Botti

Do you happen to be in Montepulciano the third week of August? What about a visit to the Wine Barrel Race?

The Bravio delle Botti is a race between the eight districts of the town. The wine barrel pushers compete with each other for the Bravium. The Bravium is a painted colorful banner bearing the image of the patron saint of Montepulciano.

During the week many fun activities are organized. The city is full of coloured flags of each district. The run itself is on Sunday. It is the most important race during the whole event.

The Bravio delle Botti is a fascinating event in Montepulciano and a must do when you’re in Tuscany.

Website: Bravio delle Botti

Ristorante Trattoria di Cagnano

Looking forward to eat a really good pizza Napoletana? In Montepulciano it is difficult to find a good pizza. Ristorante Trattoria di Cagnano is the only pizzeria in Montepulciano with a wood-fired oven.

Address: Via del Opio nel Corso 30, Montepulciano
Website: Ristorante Trattoria di Cagnano

In the summer time you can eat outside on the terrace. The menu offers a variety of pizza’s, pasta dishes and main courses.

Pizzeria Rosticceria Linda

Pizzeria Linda is a simple and outstanding pizzeria. Great pizza’s and reasonably priced. The ingredients are fresh and amazing flavors. Thin crust.

The best takeaway pizza!

Address: Via Elio Bernabei 2, Montepulciano


Calici di Stelle

August 10th is the day of Saint Lorenzo “La Notte di San Lorenzo” and the night of the shooting stars. Saint Lorenzo is celebrated in many places. When you see a shooting star, you must make a wish and it will come true!

During the celebration of San Lorenzo many activities, tastings and performances are held in every town or village in Italy.

Calici di Stelle is a huge wine event in Montepulciano. The Piazza Grande is the place where people come together to dance and taste local wines and have a great party!

On a night like that there is a lot of wine drinking. The atmosphere is superb. It is an exciting wine event in Montepulciano. So, if you’re around on August 10 then definitely come to this amazing event!

Weekly market Montepulciano

The weekly market in Montepulciano is every Thursday morning from 8 AM to 1 PM. The market is nearby the bus station in Montepulciano, just outside the historical centre.

Address: Piazza Pietro Nenni, Montepulciano

On market day one sells vegetables, fruit, different types of cheeses and local meats, clothes, flowers and household utensils. You can also buy porchetta (roasted pork), homemade lasagne and chicken.

It is a huge market in Montepulciano. Here you have the opportunity to buy lots of local delicacies!

Fried fish market stall in Montepulciano

Every Tuesday and Friday morning fried fish in Montepulciano! A great place with super delicious fresh fish and fried fish. You’ll also find a vegetables and fruit market stall.

Address: Via Marino Cappelli in Montepulciano (in front of Banca TEMA)

Weekly market Montepulciano Stazione

The weekly market in Montepulciano Stazione is every Saturday morning from 8 AM to 1 PM.

Address: Viale Stazione FS di Montepulciano

Christmas in Montepulciano

Every year in the heart of Montepulciano is a Christmas market. A magical atmosphere with Christmas decorations, wooden chalets, good food, hot wine and handicraft.

Winter time is wonderful in Montepulciano. The Piazza Grande is the perfect location for the annual Christmas Market.

In front of the Palazzo Comunale is a wonderful Christmas tree and a hut with figures of baby Jesus, Maria and Joseph.

Website: Natale Montepulciano

Snowfall in Montepulciano

January and February are the coldest months in Tuscany. Snow in Montepulciano is rare. At times there are winters where there is no snowfall in Montepulciano. The snowfall in Montepulciano is amazing and worth seeing!

Blog post: Snowfall in Montepulciano


Pastry shop

I love Italian pastries and sweets.

Zenì Cake Studio is the best new pastry shop in Montepulciano. It is a top rated pasticceria.

The cheesecake cioccolato bianco e lamponi (raspberries) is truly yummy. And the millefoglie with chantilly cream is the best dessert for any occasion.

With its central location it is easy to find and easy to become curious about!

Address: Via delle Lettere 58, Montepulciano
Website: Zenì Cake Studio

The best butcher in Acquaviva

Acquaviva is a small village of the municipality Montepulciano. Macelleria Giuliano e Siliana is the best butcher in Acquaviva! The shop is open every day from 8 AM to 1 PM, except on Wednesdays and Sundays. Acquaviva is located a few km from Montepulciano.

Address: Via Braschi Fratelli 76, Acquaviva

They sell different types of high quality meat. You can also buy homemade meat dishes, sauces, lasagne, duck and chicken.

A great butcher shop. I always went there for fresh meat.

Hiking in Montepulciano

Hiking along the vineyards and the San Biagio church with incredible views of the Tuscan countryside.

Sentiero del Nobile

An easy hiking trail in Montepulciano. The distance is 5 km. A panoramic trail for beginner walkers and experienced hikers.

Just follow the signs and enjoy!

Panificio Pasticceria Mediterraneo

From pizza to bread, to pastries and more check out Panificio Pasticceria Mediterraneo!

Mediterraneo -former Iscaro- is a traditional bakery. They have different types of bread and pastries on offer.

Tuscan white bread, pane Toscano, is always priced by weight. It is bread baked without salt. The crust is crunchy but not brown.

There is bread with salt. Ask for “pane salato” or “pane all’olio. You can also choose for multigrain bread and brown bread.

Mediterraneo is a well known panificio and bar in Montepulciano. It offers a nice outdoor seating area for your cappuccino and brioche.

The opening hours are from 7 AM – 1 PM. They are closed every Sunday.

Address: Via Elio Bernabei 30, Montepulciano

Restaurant La Briciola

The restaurant is in a historic location just off the main route into the old part of Montepulciano. The pricing is good and there is a great selection of Tuscan dishes. Here you eat the best pasta “i pici”.

I pici al ragù. Super delicious!

Via delle Cantine 23
53045 Montepulciano
Tel: +39 0578 757555

Lieviti Pizzeria

The restaurant is in a brick cave. Pizza Sole Mio is one of the best pizza I have ever had!

The ingredients are fresh and delicious. The prices are good. The pizzeria is in the historical centre of Montepulciano. They serve only pizza, no pasta.

Via di Cagnano 33
53045 Montepulciano
Tel: +39 0578 440240

Weekly market in Chianciano Terme

Chianciano Terme is about 10 minutes drive from Montepulciano. Chianciano Terme used to be a popular wellness place for wellness and natural treatments.

The historic centre of Chianciano Terme is a lovely small place in Tuscany overlooking the wonderful landscape and Lake Montepulciano (Lago di Montepulciano).

Chianciano Terme has its weekly market, held every Wednesday morning from 8 AM to 1 PM.

You’ll find seasonal fruits and vegetables, farmhouse pecorino cheeses, cured meats, household items, shoes, clothes, roast chicken all at great prices.

Address: Via della Pace, Via dell’Abetone and Via dello Stadio

Gelateria Fiordilatte in Chianciano Terme

Fiordilatte is one of Chianciano’s most best gelaterias. Every flavor they offer is super delicious, such as cheesecake, pistache, stracciatella, chocolate, strawberry and mango.

Address: Viale G. Baccelli 92, Chianciano Terme
Open every day from 11 AM – 11 PM (summer season)

Pizzeria Rosso Vivo in Chianciano Terme

Do you really want a true Italian pizza experience? Rosso Vivo is the best place to grab an authentic pizza napoletana. This pizza is thin with a crispy and crunchy crust.

The ingredients are fresh and you can choose your pizza from the menu.

My favorite pizza is “Bufalina”. It is a pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella di bufala, dried ham and basilicum. Yummy!

Address: Via delle Libertà 346, Chianciano Terme (SI)
Tel: +39 057862758 


Theia Chianciano Terme

The water of Theia thermal pools comes directly from the Sillene springs from a depth of 120 meters. The average temperature of the pools ranges between 33 and 36 degrees.

Theia Thermal baths are also known as the “baths of the Etruscans”. The location is surrounded by a green area. There is also a wellness center with sauna, Turkish bath and relaxation area.

The restaurant offers a variety of cold and warm Tuscan dishes.

Theia is a perfect place to relax. Enjoy!

Every day the opening hours are from 9.30 AM – 10 PM, except on Wednesday. Opening hours on Wednesday are from 10 AM to 6 PM. Theia is closed on Tuesday.

For more information: Piscine Termali Theia

Address: Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 53041 Chianciano Terme (SI)

Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte

Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte is an international summer event for young musicians, singers and artists. It was set up in Montepulciano by Hans Werner Henze in 1976.

The 48th edition was held from July 14 to July 30, 2023.

During the two weeks in July, Montepulciano and other villages in the Valdichiana Senese is filled with cultural events. The festival programs consists of concerts, theatre pieces, operas and dance shows.

The festival ends with a closing concert at the Piazza Grande. A unique experience and well worth seeing!

Informatie: Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte 


Sgarbi Gelati Natura

On a warm and sunny day there is simply nothing more refreshing than a tasty ice cream.

Sgarbi Gelateria is located in the centre of Montepulciano on the main street close to the Porta al Prato.

They offer an assortment of vegan friendly, old classics, modern and creamy gelato flavors, such as salted caramel.

This gelato is a must have on every trip in Tuscany! Sgarbi Gelati Natura is also located in Pienza.

Via di Gracciano nel Corso 50
53045 Montepulciano (SI)

Ristorante Tiziana

Ristorante Tiziana is a typical family run restaurant. Tiziana’s pasta is homemade and is very good. The portions are big.

There are many locals there, which is a very good sign. The prices are reasonable, the ambiance is great and the service is very friendly and quick.

You will not be disappointed. The pici all’aglione was one of the best I have ever had. Buon appetito!

SP326, 156
53045 Tre Berte (SI)