Quotidiano wines

In addition to the high quality wines of winery Gattavecchi, winemaker Luca has recently created a new blend, an easy and affordable every day wine called “Quotidiano”.

An interesting wine project which connects the Italian wine culture with its history.


The labels of the Quotidiano wine represent historical Italian events through narrative images. In cooperation with young artists and writers from the University of Siena it has been possible to create this special wine project. The Quotidiano brand is an Italian design and a wine made from the best Italian grapes.

Quotidiano red wine is made from 65% Sangiovese grapes and 35% Merlot.

Quotidiano white wine is made from, Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia and Chardonnay.

The bottling of the Quotidiano wine takes place in Montepulciano in order to reach markets all over the world. First in China, then New York and eventually the Quotidiano wine will conquer the whole wine world with its emblem: Made in Italy!

Vespa Club d’Italia

Quotidiano wine is also available with the original Vespa wine label.

The diva Vespa is a legend and celebrates 75 years old of Italian scooter.

The “Vespa” wine is the best value bottle of wine for wine shops, events and Italian restaurants. It super versatile and can easily pair up with many dishes.


On the labels of Quotidiano wine you can see artistic illustrations and historical stories. Quotidiano litterally means ‘news of the day’. Each label shows a newspaper headline of 100 years ago.


Giugliemo Marconi was born in Bologna in 1874. Marconi was an Italian inventor and engineer and laid the foundation for the current wireless communication. Thanks to his work we can now listen to the radio and are able to send text messages.

Il Tridente Maserati

The three Maserati brothers lived in Bologna and devoted themselves to their passion for car racing. The Maserati Company was founded in Bologna in December 14, 1914 by the brothers Alfieri, Ettore and Ernesto. All were interested in technology and speed.

Despite their labor-intensive technical and commercial work for the company they continued racing themselves.

Mario Maserati created the logo of the Maserati Car Company based on the Fountain of Neptune on the Piazza Maggiore in the centre of Bologna.


Features: IGT Quotidiano is a blend of typical Italian grapes. It is an easy drinking wine, good to pair with local young meats and cheeses, risotto and pasta dishes.

Quotidiano wine is also excellent as an aperitif!